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Meditation coaching

I use Heartmath, to guide the client through an evidence based, secular meditation process which in a few minutes can shift their physiology from any state to calm, relaxed and able to focus.  

We do not try to silence the mind, because its not built to be silenced. We give it something to do, like focusing on the breath and the body. I will then coach you on certain breath and thoughts to be done in combination which will put you in the meditation zone. You will know its working because you will feel a physical shift in your body.  

Each session we will work on how you can get into that meditation zone easier and quicker, and how to stay there longer.

With consistent practice you will then realize all the health and social benefits associated with a consistent and good meditation practice.


Heartmath is a biofeedback tool and software program which was tested against the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) and the California Standards Test (CST) across 100’s of students and achieved a decline in pre-test anxiety and an increase in student test score of 10% to 25%.


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$80 per hour

After one or two sessions of learning how to meditate, we then start to creatively problem solve through the issues that are causing you stress or blocking you from achieving your goals. For this process I combine my formal training and certification in coaching with my meditation coaching. 

I will not try to tell you what the root cause of your stress or bloackage is, because you know you, your situation, and your desired outcomes better than I do! What I bring is a science based process which has been researched and proven to help participants navigate through the situation to their desired goal.

This is an important part of what makes coaching different to receiving advice from friends or family. Often friends and family will try and tell you what to do, but often they dont know the situation any better than you. Coaching provides a structured process to uncover the wisdom and answers that are held within your deep subconscious. With that deeper knowledge of self, you will navigate the path to your desired outcomes much faster.

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How we measure your meditation

I can come to your location in Victoria BC and surrounding regions. I will connect you to my laptop by your left earlobe and then guide you through the meditation process.

We will then look at the data together and see how long it took you to get into the meditation zone and how long you could stay there. Then I coach you on how to expand that time spent in the zone.


Thanks for connecting, I'll contact you shortly

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