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Upcoming Workshops

2 days -May 27th and June 5th
$25 per day


Radical Remission Workshop 

What is “Radical Remission”?

Why is Harvard University studying it?

How can you achieve it?

Radical Remission is a cancer remission that occurs without conventional medical treatment, or when conventional and complementary methods are used in conjunction to overcome cancer.

The 10 Radical Remission factors were discovered through research by Dr. Kelly Turner of 1500 cases of people healing themselves of cancer. Written about in her New York Times best seller Radical Remission. These factors have helped many people overcome their cancer (read their stories here: ), that’s why Harvard University has started a pilot study to investigate the Radical Remission model.

You will leave the workshop with a deep understanding of the science and evidence behind the 10 healing factors and a tangible action plan, developed by you and a certified Radical Remission coach, to implement the science immediately into your life and start your journey to remission.

I am trained and certified by the Radical Remission Organization, founded by Dr. Kelly Turner.


1. Radically changing your diet

2. Using herbs and supplements

3. Exercise

4. Taking control of your health

5. Following your intuition

6. Releasing suppressed emotions

7. Increasing positive emotions

8. Embracing social support

9. Deepening your spiritual connection

10. Having strong reasons for living

Harvard University pilot study is led by:

● Michelle Holmes, MD, DrPH, of the Department of Epidemiology

● Junaidah Barnett, PhD, MCH(N), of the Department of Nutrition

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