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Research Based Meditation Coaching

Meditation Coaching

I use HeartMath ™ to coach you how to get into the meditation zone. Dont bother trying to silencce your mind, its not designed to be silent. I will teach you how to connect your mind with your heart and to coordinate certain breath and thoughts to transcend the mind and get into the present moment, the now.

Working with me will give you the meditation practice you want sooner, and you'll know its working because you will feel the difference in your body and be able to correlate when you felt that feeling with measurements on the Heartmath monitor showing a change in your heart's behaviour.

For example, in the image below you can see it took my client 2 minutes before her heart's behaviour radically changed. She maintains this state for roughly 1 minute before dropping out of the zone. The entire meditation lasted only 4 minutes. She experienced 1 minute in the middle where her hearts beating felt softer and smoother and her mind was clear.


Heartmath is used by Dr Joe Dispenza. If you like his work, this is how to implement it in your life.

Meditation zone image (1).jpg

Radical Remission: Meditation, Cancer, Harvard

The Harvard University model provides a framework to guide your approach to healing yourself of cancer.


It has been developed from research by Dr. Kelly Turner which looked at more than 1000 cases of people healing themselves of cancer once standard treatments had been tried, and had failed. She termed such cases Radical Remission.

I am trained and certified by Dr Turner and her team.

I am currently coaching one client to implement the Radical Remission framework, and her tumors are getting smaller. 2 consecutive scans have both shown a reduction in tumor size!

Harvard study banner.jpg


I recently had the pleasure of working with Roland as my meditation coach and he was absolutely fantastic. He is not only a very empathetic and professional coach, he also had a strong emphasis on science-based practices which really set his practice apart.

Throughout our sessions, Roland took the time to really get to know me and understand my needs in order to achieve attainable and realistic goals. His approach to meditation was grounded in science, but at the same time, it was still incredibly accessible and easy to understand. This made it easy for me to fully embrace the practices he taught me and incorporate them into my daily life.

Overall, I can say without hesitation that Roland was one of the best coaches I've ever worked with, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to deepen their meditation practice.


Coach Training and Corporate Career


2022 Health Coach - Wisdom of the Whole

2022 Radical Remission Coach - Radical Remission Project

2021 The Resilient Heart, Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath - Heartmath

2020 HeartMath Interventions Program for Health Professionals - Heartmath

2019 Chronic Conditions Self Management Coach - Self Management British Columbia 

2019 Radical Remission Cancer Support Workshop - Radical Remission Project

2019 PROSCI Change Management Practitioner -  Fraser Health Authority

2008 Project Management - Institute of Public Administration Australia

2008 Public Sector Writing - Institute of Public Administration Australia

2007 BA Business & Government - Griffith University Gold Coast

Recent Corporate Experience

Manager - Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia

Senior Consultant - Strategic Transformation, Fraser Health Authority

Senior Policy Officer - System Architecture, Ministry of Health (Australia)

Senior Analyst - Ministry of Economic Development (Australia)

Development Analyst - Husky Energy



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