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Australian born and now calling Canada home, I have previously worked in policy and analysis at senior levels in provincial government departments and the resources sector. 


This career experience taught me how to research complex issues and determine fact from fiction. 

I combine this background with 20 years of meditation practice and training in both modern and ancient techniques. I first started meditating at 14 years of age through martial arts. In the decades since I have taken training in techniques formed by the ancient Greeks and Buddhists through modern mindfulness and biofeedback approaches.


I lean heavily upon modern science and technology, particularly biofeedback technology, to achieve results in my work. My previous employment in performance measurement for a Provincial Government Ministry of Economics taught me, “you improve what you measure.” I feel it is helpful for my clients to be able to measure and see the impact of meditation on their nervous system. Also, it enables me to objectively demonstrate how different techniques impact your physiology. 


Some of the ancient techniques work and modern science gives us the ability to watch in real time as our nervous system responds. From my laptop I can objectively verify and measure how meditation works in your body.


This is my passion - to embrace the ancient knowledge and combine it with modern science for the advancement of our culture and society.

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